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BBUC Joins Diocese of Kigezi to commemorate the late Bishop Festo Kivenjere.

Bishop Barham University College joins the entire Diocese of Kigezi to commemorate the late Bishop Kivenjere.

Festo Kivengere (1919–1988) was a Ugandan Anglican leader on occasion referred to as “the Billy Graham of Africa”. He played a massive function in a Christian revival in southwestern Uganda, however had to flee in 1973 to neighboring Kenya in fear for his life after speakme out towards Idi Amin’s tyrannical conduct
The University is having different activities such as enrich missions, out rich missions and crusades. BBUC will hold an overnight on Friday and climax the commemoration of Festo Kivenjere on Sunday the 31/07/2021. Speakers who will speak during the mission week include ;Reverend Kwesiga Ambrose who heads Divinity and theology at BBUC, Reverend Amos Tweteise the Diocesan Secretary Kigezi Diocese, and Rev. Just Ayebare Parish priest Bushuro Parish.

Keep BBUC Clean

The Uganda Red Cross Society Kabale Branch in conjunction with the Red Cross Club of Bishop Barham University College engaged in a cleaning exercise around the college on Thursday 21st of July 2022.

Irafasha Godfrey the Chairperson of the Bishop Barham University Red Cross Society BBURCS noted that they collected and burnt the pollutants to make sure that the environment is preserved for the good of the university and the world at large.

Irafasha further appreciated the manager of Uganda Red Cross Kabale branch for sending members from the society to cooperate and ease the work.

Isaac Matsiko, one of the volunteers from the society appreciated the club members for the cooperation and noted that cleanliness contributes to living healthy lives in any community.

Matsiko indicated that the initiative is under the Red Cross umbrella and also driven by individual passion to keep the environment clean.

Matsiko also revealed other activities done by the society including helping in implementing some projects like farming, partnering with the blood bank to receive blood from donors and use it to save lives of patients among others. He further called upon whoever wishes to join the Red Cross Society to contact them and be taken through the membership process.

Western Uganda Bishops Elect Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna as BBUC Chairperson Governing Council.

Western Uganda Bishops Elect Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna as BBUC Chairperson Governing Council.

Diocese of Kigezi Bishop Gaddie Akanjuna has been elected as New Bishop Barham University College Chairperson Governing Council.

Akanjuna was chosen by fellow Bishops from the 14 Dioceses of Western Uganda, i.e. Ankole, East Rwenzori, Kigezi, Kinkiizi, Muhabura, North Kigezi, North Ankole, North West Ankole, Ruwenzori, South Ankole, West Ankole and South Rwenzori.

Akanjuna replaces Emeritus Bishop George Bagamuhunda who retired in June this year.

The Uganda Christian University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi presided over the election and the subsequent swearing in ceremony of Akanjuna, at White Horse Inn Kabale.

While addressing the meeting after his election, Bishop Akanjuna pledged commitment to his new assignments, and asked for cooperation from all the 14 Dioceses that are entrusted with the oversight role to the college.

Bishop of South Ankole Diocese, Nathan Ahimbisibwe said he welcomed the election of Akanjuna and pledged maximum cooperation to ensure that Bishop Barham University moves to a higher level of academic excellence.

The Care taker Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese Patrick Tugume Tusingwiire said he expected the new Chairperson to help improve the beautification of the BBUC by raising enough funds through improved student enrollment and other fundraising forums.

The election process was kicked off with a prayer devotion, that was followed by speeches, in which the BBUC Principal Dr.  Alice Kyobutungi Tumwesigye outlined the needs and challenges facing the college.

 Some of the needs mentioned included improved facial appearance of the college infrastructure, which she argued that it would attract more students than the current overall enrollment.

Consecration and Enthronement of the 6th Bishop of Diocese of Kigezi

The Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba, Archbishop of the Church of Uganda has arrived in Kabale ahead of the consecration & enthronement of the 6th Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi.Rev Canon Gaddie Akanjuna will be enthroned this Sunday at Kigezi Grounds as the 6th Bishop of Diocese of Kigezi.

Guild Leaders' Training

BBUC-UCU Conducts Leadership Training for Guild leaders 2022

Uganda Christian University Bishop Barham University Under the office of the dean of Students has to day the 10th/02/2022 conducted Leadership training for guild leaders. This was intended to equip them with knowledge that allows them to assess their decisions and examine their work. During the training that was held in the University Old Chapel .Leaders got the chance of exploring more on the Organization structure of the university, Students leadership and Academic performance, Students code of conduct and Budgeting.

In his remarks the university college secretary Mr. Ivan Habaasa encouraged student leaders to advocate and maintain peace having the fear of God as their daily guide while exercising their duties.

The College principle Mr. Aggrey Yesigomwe applauded students for the kind of leadership they have exhibited so far and encouraged them to keep the candle on fire. He encouraged them to keep in good books with the entire Administration for better service delivery knotting that two cannot move in the same direction unless they have agreed. The principle BBUC promised total support during their reign as guild leaders in his final remarks.

H.E Amos Nomwesigwa appreciated the entire administration through the office of the dean of students for the desire that they have to see their student leaders performing to the best with in the right procedures. He cautioned his fellow leaders to be diligent as they serve fellow students for many are the expectations that they have in them. He called upon them to be servant leaders and humble throughout their leadership time at BBUC.H.E Amos requested administration to be more supportive to them for the students demands are high though they can’t be meant at ago. He promised total support in return to BBUC community as the guild president and placed all his plans in the palm of God for implementation.

Venerable Gaddie Akanjuna Elected next Bishop of Kigezi Diocese

The Venerable Gaddie Akanjuna has been elected the next Bishop of Kigezi Diocese. He will be consecrated and enthroned as Bishop on 26th June 2022 at St. Peter’s Cathedral, Rugarama. He will succeed the Rt. Rev. George Bagamuhunda.

Ven. Akanjuna was born 10th August 1962. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Diploma of Theology from Uganda Christian University, and a Certificate in Theology from Bishop Barham Divinity College.

Ven. Akanjuna born again in 1988. At the time, he was very sick, and the Lord convicted him and said, “If you die, you will not be accepted into eternity.” He said, “I knew that I needed to repent of my immorality and sins.” The following Sunday, he said, “I went to our local church and made an open confession before the congregation. The day I confessed my sins, I experienced joy that I had never experienced. Jesus Christ totally changed me.”

Ven. Akanjuna is currently serving as an Archdeacon, based at All Saints’ Church, Kabale. He has served in several Archdeaconries as an Archdeacon, as a parish priest, and as a Teacher.

Ven. Akanjuna is married to Jackline Charity and the Lord has blessed them with children.

The election was made by the House of Bishops of the Church of Uganda sitting at Lweza Training and Conference Centre on 9th February 2022.

Bishop Barham University College-UCU Bids Farewell to two Senior Staff Members

On Friday 4th Feb 2022, two senior staff of Bishop Barham University College retired from active university service.

Rev.Canon Gideon Kwizera Chaplain UCU-BBUC and Ven.Adonia Bahugukire Academic Registrar BBUC have both officially retired from active service.

Rev.Canon Gideon Kwizera Joined BBUC in 2004 as a Greek lecturer for one year,He was later employed as the Chaplain of BBUC since then up to 2022.

He hands over the mantle to Rev. Moses Agaba who will be in acting capacity till further notice. He served this institution for a period of 17 years which he applauds God fo.

During his tenure as the chaplain, Rev.Gideon conducted religious worship, performed spiritual functions associated with religious faith, and aided in the spiritual well-being of the congregation. He appreciates BBUC Community for the support accorded to him during his time of service as the chaplain of BBUC while he waved his last as the chaplain.

Venerable Adonia Bahugukire the outgoing Academic Registrar in his remarks appreciated BBUC Community for being the best team he could ever ask for during his reign as the Academic registrar and Head of Theology Department.

Venerable first served as the Head of Theology Department for 3 years and 1 year as the Academic Registrar.He retires with joy saying that he will miss the company, love and the care from this community. Bishop Barham University College will forever be my home he said.Rev.Adonia Hands over to Mrs.Catherine Mastiko as the Acting Academic Registrar.

In his remarks the principal Bishop Barham University College Mr. Aggrey Yesigomwe said the two senior Clergy have served the University faithfully reciting that they have been role models especially to the students who have been training to join the church ministry, He reminded them that their input in the training will never be forgotten.

He bade them farewell with the Psalm 119:16 “I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word.”

On behalf of BBUC he wished them the best in their next Journey of life as they retire and urged them to continue doing Gods’ Ministry.

UCU Academics teach community to access

By Yasiri J. Kasango
Uganda Christian University (UCU) has been engaged in outreaches to address community education challenges. One of the latest was led by the university’s Faculty of Education and Arts, which conducted a seminar on online learning.

Members of the faculty showed parishioners of a church in Bweyogerere, near Kampala, ways of using the internet as a tool for education.

The UCU team, led by the faculty dean, the Rev. Dr, Can. Olivia Nassaka Banja, equipped parents at St. Luke Church of Uganda with skills on how to access some of the freely available online learning materials.

Some private schools have been conducting online studies since the Ugandan government closed education institutions as one of the preventive measures to reduce the number of coronavirus infections in the country. However, government barred public schools from conducting online studies, arguing that such a move would disenfranchise learners who did not have access to computers or the internet. Instead, government distributed education materials to learners throughout the country and encouraged teachers to conduct studies through radio.

At the end of December 2021, some learners had not stepped into school since the first lockdown in March 2020.

The main facilitator at the seminar at St. Luke Church of Uganda, Patrick Lugemwa, a lecturer in the faculty, showed parents the different sites with free reading materials for children. He also showed the parents how to easily access the learning materials. Lugemwa noted that there are many good sites that provide free reading materials and video classes for children.

Some of the sites that he shared with the parents were and

“However, before allowing your children to access any site, you must visit them yourself, to protect the young ones from accessing unwanted literature, such as pornography,” Lugemwa cautioned, emphasizing that the internet can be both useful and destructive.

He also introduced parents to an app, Family Link, which can regulate the amount of time a child spends on the phone, as well as the type of content they can access. The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

UCU has been championing online learning in the wake of the Covid-19-related lockdown on in-person learning in Uganda. Outreaches like these are a direct response to the appeal made by Uganda’s First Lady and education minister, Mrs. Janet Museveni, during UCU’s 22nd graduation ceremony on October 22, 2021.

Mrs. Museveni, who was the guest of honour at the graduation ceremony, said she was impressed by UCU’s “robust online education program” and encouraged the university to share best practices with other institutions.

In December 2021, the university’s e-learning department hosted leaders from Greenhill Academy, a group of Christian-founded primary and secondary schools in Kampala, for a virtual learning seminar to understand more about the university’s e-learning facilities.

The community of St Luke Church of Uganda commended UCU for the outreach, especially at a time when many parents were preparing their children to resume school on January 10, 2022. 

The Rev. Abraham Muyinda Nsubuga, the Vicar of St Luke Church, encouraged parents to embrace online learning so that their children can progress with their studies since it is not clear when the world would overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Patrick Kisiibo, one of the parents, said his child had not had a chance to access any reading material during the lockdown, noting that UCU’s intervention was timely.

“I didn’t know that there are free books and video classes online,” Kisiibo said. “I can now go back home and ably guide my child on how to utilize online learning tools.”

UCU helps Christian primary-secondary schools with e-learning

By Ian Asabo
The Uganda Christian University (UCU) e-learning candle is spreading its light to other institutions in the country. Among the recent beneficiaries is Greenhill Academy, a group of Christian-founded primary and secondary schools in Kampala. Leaders from the Academy met with UCU e-learning staff for a virtual learning seminar in December 2021.  

During the UCU visit, Greenhill Academy officials gained a better understanding of how UCU accommodated learners virtually during the Covid-19 lockdown when in-person learning was halted in the country. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, Uganda has had two lockdowns, with some classes remaining closed to in-person learning from March 2020 to December 2021. 

Greenhill Academy Rector Joy Veronica Maraka led the Academy’s staff who attended the seminar. The head of the UCU Online Distance Learning Department, the Rev. Jessica Hughes, provided insight into how classes are taught on the platforms, highlighting how the switch to online classes has improved her work. She said students prefer having small assessments, which makes it easier to track their progress during the semester. 

“Online classes have provided flexibility in the way lectures are conducted because they can evaluate students through small quizzes and assignments, which enables critical thinking,” she told the delegation from Greenhill Academy.

The Rev. Dr. Hughes proposed the evaluation of students on a “more regular basis through videos, quizzes and questions that allow for more critical thinking to eliminate the aspect of cramming.” 

During UCU’s 22nd graduation ceremony on October 22, 2021, Uganda’s First Lady and education minister, Mrs. Janet Museveni, said she was impressed by UCU’s “robust online education programme” and encouraged the university to share best practices with other institutions.

UCU’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs, the Rev. Dr. John Kitayimbwa, who also attended the seminar, said the university was ready to partner with Greenhill Academy. 

“This is a great opportunity to find ways of changing the way teaching is conducted,” Kitayimbwa said, encouraging Greenhill Academy to take the lead and show other schools that online learning is the way to go and that with it, “the possibilities of learning are endless.”

Kitayimbwa said the university has invested a lot in the networking, IT department and library database, which work in unison to provide a seamless experience for students. The university has invested about sh1.4b ($395,000) on e-learning, management information systems and networking, Kitayimbwa said. 

Recently, UCU Partners donated $50,000 (about sh170m) to the university to help it expand the e-learning platform. Mark Bartels, UCU Partners executive director, said the organization contributed the funds following a call by the university’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi, for external funders to support the eLearning infrastructure. 

Greenhill Academy Rector Joy Veronica Maraka thanked UCU for hosting them, stating that they will “pick ideas from the session and follow in the footsteps of UCU in evolving education in Uganda.” 

At a virtual dialogue held in August 2021 to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on education institutions in Uganda, Mushengyezi advised institutions to consider a rigorous shift towards online distance learning and service delivery, so that future lockdowns do not affect operations and learning.