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Social Sciences Department

The department of social sciences is one of the vibrant departments at UCU-BBUC. It falls under the school of social sciences whose head offices are at UCU Main Campus in Mukono. The school offers courses ranging from Diplomas, Bachelors and Masters.

For purposes of prospective students for September Intake 2024, and other interested parties, I would wish to talk about Bachelor of Social work in particular to highlight part of what the school offers.

Globally and locally in Uganda, social work profession is an academic discipline recognized for its promotion of development and social change, social cohesion, liberation of people as well as their empowerment. Holistically, the profession of social work at UCU-BBUC aims at improving the general welfare.

Our teaching and learning philosophy in the University and particularly at the faculty level is guided by UCU core values namely: Christ Centeredness, Diligence, Integrity, Servant hood, and Stewardship. Ultimately, UCU values not only cultivate competent social workers, but also produce main attributes as exemplified by empowered citizens, well-rounded individuals, and dynamic professionals.

The hallmark of BSW in UCU is focused on student-centeredness, value-driven teaching and learning to nurture competent leaders in social policy, social development and social welfare.

As a program, social work prepares those students that are committed to promoting professional values that are responsive to social development, human rights, social inclusion, and the needs and aspirations of local communities. The students will be grounded in scholarly, practice informed research and research informed practice that will impact communities for generations.

In practice, social workers are sensitive to cultural diversity, and work to combat discrimination, oppression, poverty and other forms of social injustice. The Bachelor of Social Work degree programme principle is to educate beginning professional practitioners as generalists.

Vision: Transforming lives for excellent relevant and holistic service in society.

Mission: The department is committed to providing academic, social and Christian spiritual guidance through effective teaching, research, community outreach and counseling to produce academically grounded, socially integrated and morally sound social workers to prevent and ameliorate undesirable social and environmental conditions.

In addition to Bachelor of Social Work, Other Courses Offered include;


  1. Diploma in Social Work
  2. Bachelor of Public Administration and Management
  3. Bachelor of Governance and international Relations
  4. Bachelor of Human Rights, Peace and Humanitarian interventions

Postgraduate studies

  1. Master of Social Work
  2. Master of Public Administration and Management
  3. Master of Research and Public Policy
  4. Master of Governance and international Relations
  5. Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology
  6. Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management
  7. Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring Development and Evaluation

Thank you.


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