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Theological And Divinity Department

Christian love and greetings in the name of our risen Lord and saviour Jesus Christ!!

At Bishop Barham University College; Theology and Divinity Department we are cognisant of the fact that God calls people of all generations to serve him in different callings and vacations. We are therefore, grateful to be part of what God is doing in moulding, nurturing and equipping persons with the necessary skills to lead his flock.

Well aware of the demands on a church minister in our generation, we aim at producing all round persons who are theologically grounded, God fearing and industrious persons to serve in God’s church in the Great Lakes Region, Africa and all over the world who lead by example. And are available to spearhead the advancement of Gods kingdom by addressing the holistic needs of his people spiritually, socially, economically politically intellectually and morally as in Luke 4:18ff as they expedite the God given mandate to reach out to Gods’ creation in its entirety as in John 10:10 and in respect to the Great commission as in Matthew 28:19 ‘Go and make disciples of all nations…’ If there is anything that should stretch our minds in areas of relationships, innovativeness and prudence and other pertinent issues the world is grappling with, then theology should!!

I concur with Elizabeth King’s article (2011) on the value of education and World Bank education strategies when she said: “For countries [churches] to reap from the benefits of development and growth, there is need to unleash the potential of the human mind… and there is no better tool for doing so than education”. This is elucidated by Nelson Mandela’s assertion on the value of education; “Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world”

If there was ever a time for the church to invest in training in our spiritual leaders to meet the ever changing and challenging demands of our masses in this generation and generations to come is now! At UCU- BBUC we ideally aim at giving a thorough touch on students’ character, ability, knowledge, skills and behaviour throughout the ministerial formation process. Throughout the ages God’s Men and women have been subjected to training of some kind (formed) by God in various ways before being used to serve His purposes; thus necessitating the need for theological training(ministerial formation).

Blessings, GO AND TELL THEM!!

Rev Ambrose Kwesiga (ag. HOD Theology and Divinity Department-BBUC).