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Divine Transformation: Embracing Redemption in UCU-BBUC Community Hour Prayers

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow across the community gathering, the first community hour prayers of the semester commenced. Praise and worship gradually faded as Mr. Aaron Lorenzo stepped forward, a figure of wisdom and humility in the dimly lit room.

With a gentle yet commanding presence, Mr. Lorenzo encouraged the brethren to trust in the divine power that watched over them. “Trust God,” he implored, his voice resonating through the space. “God sent his own son to redeem humanity-a profound manifestation of love. Quoting the sacred verses from Romans 12:2 in this vast universe, we mustn’t conform to its fleeting patterns, but instead, let salvation change the very fabric of our lives.”

The flickering candlelight cast shadows on faces deep in contemplation as Mr. Lorenzo emphasized the need to embrace the grace bestowed upon them. “Don’t be like sinners,” he urged, “but let repentance be a daily practice, a commitment to live up to the impeccable standards set by God. Salvation is not a one-time event; it’s a continuous journey of transformation.”

The preacher reinforced the message. “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness,” echoed through the hearts and minds of the congregation. The words held the weight of ancient wisdom, calling each member to prioritize the divine path above all else.

As UCU-BBUC community bowed their heads in prayer, an aura of serenity enveloped the room. The resonance of collective faith and shared purpose lingered in the air, binding them together as a community determined to navigate the complexities of life guided by the enduring principles of love, redemption, and righteousness. The first community hour prayers of the semester has set the tone for a journey of spiritual growth, and the congregation left with hearts filled with hope and a renewed commitment to trust in the divine plan that unfolded before them.

The Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu Pays Maiden Visit to UCU-BBU

Chancellor of Uganda Christian University (UCU), the Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu, concluded his pastoral visit to the Diocese of Kigezi with his maiden visit to Uganda Christian University -Bishop Barham University College Kabale which is a constituent college of UCU Mukono.

The Chancellor was accompanied by the Bishop of Kigezi the Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna who is the Chairman of the University College Governing Council, the acting Chaplain Rev Samuel Kanyike, and the Church of Uganda Communications Officer Mr. Sadiiki Adams.

The Archbishop was received at the College by the University Principal Dr. Alice Jossy Kyobutungi Tumwesigye together with the Management team and the staff of the University College.

In his welcome remarks, the Bishop of Kigezi expressed his joy and appreciation to the Archbishop for accepting to visit UCU-BBUC on his pastoral visit.

The Principal Dr. Alice Jossy Kyobutungi Tumwesigye also appreciated the Chancellor for sparing time from his very tight schedule to visit the University College 

She said that despite the financial challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Post- Covid trials with the stiff competition faced by the University College. It has ably kept its head above the water, and has continued to provide an atmosphere for holistic education that is hinged on Christian values and morals.

Dr. Alice Jossy highlighted to the Chancellor the need for significant improvement of the University College infrastructure especially lecture rooms which have been in existence for almost a century! She also pointed out the need for a University College library building

The Principal said that the University College intends to augment its revenue by exploring other avenues among which is organizing a fundraising and also planning a celebration of 100 years of the existence of Bishop Barham Divinity College                  

The Chancellor expressed gratitude to the Bishop of Kigezi and the University leadership for the warm reception and the impressive work the University College is doing in Kigezi and Uganda at large. He further encouraged them to continue in their efforts to make University College “A center of excellence in the Heart of Africa”.

He challenged members of staff to learn to be strategically positioned if they are to survive in this challenging world. This he did by illustrating from Luke 19:1-10 about the story of Zacchaeus whose faith and desire to see Jesus made him   climb a sycamore tree

He advised the   University Management team and the entire staff to be flexible, creative, and humble but most importantly to remain focused on the cross.

Call for applications for May Intake 2023

Call for applications: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs for 2023/2024 (May Intake)

The Academic Registrar, Bishop Barham University College Kabale invites applications to the following postgraduate and undergraduate programs for the Academic Year 2023/2024 (May/Trinity Intake).

Bachelor of Business AdministrationBBA3 Years
Bachelor of Procurement & Logistics ManagementBPLM3 Years
Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource ManagementPGDHRM1 Year
Master of Business AdministrationMBA2 Years
Diploma in Business AdministrationDBA2 Years
Bachelor of Social Work & Social AdministrationBSW3 years
Bachelor of Public Administration & ManagementBPAM3 years
Bachelor of Development & Social EntrepreneurshipBDSE3 years
Postgraduate Diploma in Public AdministrationPGDPAM1 year
Master of Social WorkMSW2 years
Diploma in Social Work & Social AdministrationDSW2 years
Bachelor of Arts with EducationBAED3 years
Bachelor of Science with EducationBSED3 years
Bachelor of Education (Primary_Recess)BEP2 years
Bachelor of Education (Secondary_Recess)BED2 years
Master of Education Administration & ManagementMEAM2 Years
Postgraduate Diploma in EducationPGDE1 year
Bachelor of DivinityBD3 years
Diploma in TheologyDTH3 years
Certificate in TheologyCTH3 years
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & CommunicationBAJC3 years
Diploma in Journalism & Strategic CommunicationDJNS2 years
Certificate in Journalism & Media StudiesCJN2 years
Bachelor of Science in Information TechnologyBSIT3 years
Diploma in Information TechnologyDIT2 years
Certificate in Information TechnologyCIT2 Years
Bachelor of Environment & Disaster ManagementBEDM3 years
Bachelor of Agricultural Science & EntrepreneurshipBASE4 years


For applicants who can visit the University or one of the outlets/Liaison Offices.

Obtain an application form at only 35,000=, complete it, and attach photocopies of results slips and/or academic transcripts (where applicable)

Return filled application forms to any of our Liaison offices or Scan & Send it to ||


  1. ONLY applicants with official Results from UNEB|Transcripts/Result Slips and/or Certificates shall be considered.
  2. Applicants for postgraduate programs and upgraders must attach certified copies of their Academic Transcripts and/or Certificates.
  3. Applicants holding academic qualifications attained outside Uganda must also attach copies of equivalence obtained from the Uganda National Examinations Board or Uganda National Council for Higher Education, as may be applicable.
  4. Information on specific admission requirements for all programs can be obtained from our Campus or on our website at

Inquiries should be addressed to; or call 0780602418, |0704427669, |0701163950 |0772562885


Mbarara:-          |Golfcourse Supermarket |Adit Bookshop

Kanungu:-         |Kinkiizi Diocese,Education Office|KERODA Supermarket

Kihihi:-             |Kihihi Modern Supermarket |Banyakigezi ICT Center

Rukungiri:-        |All Saints Church |Ivan Habaasa Shop opp UMEME

Kasese:-            |Capricon Stationers |Messiah Radio Station

Ibanda:-            |Eiraka Radio Reception

Bushenyi:-         |Mary B Household Shop Kyeizooba Building

Ntungamo:-      |Singa Foundation

Kisoro:             |Diocesan Offices

Rwanda:           |Mother’s Union Offices Kigali

Click on the link to apply online.

BBUC Student leaders hold their maiden Leadership retreat.

Bishop Barham University Guild council has undergone their yearly guild leaders training today the 28/02.2023; This was held at the University premises. This is the leadership training that is always organized under the office of the Dean of students.

 It’s always done for every new guild government after taking the oath of allegiance. The training was intended to equip student leaders with the skills they need to lead effectively, including the often-tricky skills needed to persuade and influence people even those over whom they have little direct authority.

The college principal Dr. Alice Kyobutungi Tumwesigye encouraged students to think creatively. She reminded them to look up to God for a successful term of office. Mr. Ivan Habaasa the University secretary encouraged students to work hard and leave a legacy for themselves. He defined legacy as the number of souls one motivates or helps in a life career.

Habaasa told students to work closely with the administration in order to serve better letting them know that peace is the best promise and achievement the guild could ever give back to the community they are serving.

H.E Owen Stiffler the serving Guild president pledged royalty, unity, and corporation in return to the administration. He implored that the university should fund guild projects as they look forward to serving UCU better for the glory of the Lord.

Ash Wednesday

On the very first day of the Lent, let us promise ourselves that we will work on our differences for a happier life. BBUC Community took some time off to honor Ash Wednesday. Rev Edward Mwesigwa parish priest at St Andrews’ Nyabikoni Church of Uganda Urged Christians to make it a season of prayer fasting ,reconciliation and studying the word of God.

A Call for Application in the Department of Computing & Information Technology

The Department of Computing & Information Technology through the Academic Registrar UCU-Bishop Barham University college invites applications for 2023 – 2024 Academic year for May and September intakes in the following Programs.


When you choose an Information Technology career path, you will have a variety of job opportunities to choose from. They include the following.

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst: Produce financial and market intelligence by querying data repositories and generating periodic reports.
  2. Computer and Information Research Scientist: Conduct research into fundamental computer and information science as theorists, designers, or inventors.
  3. Computer Network Architect: Design and implement computer and information networks, such as local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), intranets, extranets, and other data communications networks.
  4. Computer Network Support Specialist: Analyze, test, troubleshoot, and evaluate existing network systems, such as local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and Internet systems or a segment of a network system. Perform network maintenance to ensure networks operate correctly with minimal interruption.
  5. Computer Programmer: Create, modify, and test code, forms, and scripts that allow computer applications to run.
  6. Computer Systems Analyst: Analyze science, engineering, business, and other data processing problems to implement and improve computer systems. Analyze user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate or improve existing systems and review computer system capabilities, workflow, and scheduling limitations
  7. Computer Systems Engineer: Design and develop solutions to complex applications problems, system administration issues, or network concerns. Perform systems management and integration functions.
  8. Database Administrator: Administer, test, and implement computer databases, applying knowledge of database management systems. Coordinate changes to computer databases. May plan, coordinate, and implement security measures to safeguard computer databases.
  9.  Geographic Information Systems Technician.
  10. Geospatial Information Scientists and Technologist.
  11. Information Security Analyst: Plan, implement, upgrade, or monitor security measures for the protection of computer networks and information.
  12. Information Technology Project Manager: Plan, initiate, and manage information technology (IT) projects. Lead and guide the work of technical staff.
  13. Cyber security Specialist: They work to make sure that networks are safe from external threats like hackers or crackers who want access for malicious purposes.
  14. Network and Computer Systems Administrator: Install, configure, and support an organization’s local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and Internet systems or a segment of a network system.
  15. Software Developer: Software developers are the creative minds behind computer programs
  16. Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Tester: Develop and execute software test plans in order to identify software problems and their causes.
  17. Telecommunications Engineering Specialist: Design or configure voice, video, and data communications systems.
  18. Video Game Designer: Design core features of video games. Specify innovative game and role-play mechanics, story lines, and character biographies.
  19. Web Administrator & Web Developer: Manage web environment design, deployment, development and maintenance activities. They also Design, create, and modify Web sites.
  20. IT infrastructure engineer: IT infrastructure engineers are specialists who are usually in charge of the hardware aspects of a business network.
  21. Application engineer: Application engineers are people who work with computers to design and improve specialty equipment and enhance software programs.
  22. Computer User Support Specialist: Provide technical assistance to computer users.
NOCOURSEDurationENTRY Requirements
  1  Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)  3 YEARSUACE or equivalent, with 2 Principal passes and a credit in UCE / UACE mathematics, plus UCE or equivalent with 5 passes;
OR a Diploma in a related field of study.
  2  Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)  2 YEARSUACE or equivalent, with a Principal pass and 2 subsidiary passes plus a credit in UCE/UACE mathematics, & UCE or equivalent with five passes;
OR a Certificate in a related field of study
3Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)2 YEARSUCE or equivalent

Contact us.

ACADEMIC REGISTRAR: +256772 56885 | +256701 163950

COORDINATOR IT DEPARTMENT: +256779 538344 | +256700 538344

Rugby! A life changing sport for the girl child

Games and sports are important in every society. They involve everyone  that is players and spectators .There are many types of sports; soccer, basketball and rugby are some of the team sports in which teams play against each other well as golf is an individual sport as well as athletics. Sports often reflect the culture of a country in which they are played. In many ways, sports define a society. They show how people can make a living and also sports entertain people. Most of all, they give people something to focus on and follow which is a sort of release from the stressful chores of everyday life.

I am a rugby player. I started playing rugby in August 2022 and learnt a lot from it. I was in my second year Uganda Christian University Bishop Barham College when I had my first game. In all honesty, the game is not only remarkable but also scary. The scariest part was the fear of being squashed by the gigantic playmates. Rugby however has the capacity to boost ones confidence and enhances one’s self-esteem since it boosts a player’s instincts and skills in the game.

I commend my friend Swiffah Nduhukire who introduced me to this sport and convinced me to start playing it. To my great surprise and pleasure, with continued practice, I became the woman of the match that happened in the first circuit out of the three circuits that took place in Masaka. .  In that game, we managed to be the second.  A rugby player or any other sports person is motivated by cheering of the spectators. The loud ululations are like food to a sports person. We were the overall winners and we were given three trophies. I remember that day vividly 3rd September my birthday. We received the trophies at Kakyeka stadium in Mbarara. This was indeed the happiest moment in my life.

After one week, I was invited to go for trials on the Uganda Women Rugby under twenty (U20). The Western Rugby Manager supported me to and from kyadondo and fortunately I emerged a winner on the National team. I enjoyed my first Rugby game with Kenya at Wankulukuku stadium Mutesa 2 where we made five tries to zero as I made my try as well. Remember on my new team I did not know anybody but because of teamwork and being a sports lady I managed. And everyone including my fellow players got surprised when I made a try.

My second game was with Zimbabwe where we drew and that meant we had been knocked out. That marked the end of my participation in that tournament but I came back with joy and happiness. Am grateful to God for am the first female Rugby player in my university, family and friends to play for the nation. I have established myself on the National team and hope to play more games in the future. I want to thank my university Bishop Barham especially the principal, the university secretary, the dawn of students, the public relations officer and the coach. On a special not my parents, my most loved boyfriend Leni and friends especially Leticia, Brina and Swiffa for the encouragement and support always.


New Student Leadership Sworn  

On the 19 of November 2022, BBUC held guild election that saw Namara Owen winning the contest. He is a second year student perusing bachelors of Education. He takes off from Mr. Amos Nomwesigwa, a third year student doing bachelors of Social Work and social administration. In his remarks Amos Nomwesigwa appreciated the Forward to Excellence Government, BBUC Staff and BBUC community for the support they rendered to him during his tenure of Service.  He requested that the same should be done for H.E Owen Namara.

H.E excellence Owen Namara Sworn in today the 15/12/2022. In his speech, he requested his team members to take on service with courage well knowing that returns are heavenly.

Mr.Amos Nomwesigwa Former Gild President

BBUC Holds its first Post COVID-19 Graduation ceremony

Bishop Barham University College, a Constituent College of Uganda Christian University held its first Post COVID-19 Graduation ceremony on the 2/12/2022 passing out 270 students from 38 different academic courses.

Bishop Barham University College last held its graduation ceremony at home in Kabale Municipality on 15th October 2019, and the following schedule was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic that forced the Government to suspend mass gatherings including physical education activities.

All other graduation ceremonies have been held from Uganda Christian University, Main Campus Headquarters in Mukono and the previous Bishop Barham University College Graduand have been contrived to travel to the main campus, while others participated virtually because of the expenses involved, especially on transport.

While Officiating at Ceremony on Friday held at St Peters Cathedral Rugarama gardens at Rugarama hill in Kabale Municipality, the Uganda Christian University Vice Chancellor Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi announced that all Uganda Christian University Sister colleges have officially been cleared to resume periodic Physical graduation ceremonies.

Prof. Mushengyezi asked the graduates to protect the good name of UCU by behaving well and performing excellently wherever they would be placed for employment.

“Uganda Christian University is known for its good name and excellence, therefore we request you to protect and maintain that brand wherever you go,” he said

Speaking as the Chief Guest, Dr. Brian Rushaju, the Kampala based dental Surgeon implored the graduates to contribute efforts in the Social economic transformation of Uganda and Africa at large through innovations and creativity.

The Bishop Barham University College Principal Dr. Alice Jossy Kyobutungi used the opportunity to recognize partners who had tremendously contributed to the growth, development and sustainability of the institution. Notable among them was Businessman Musinguzi Garuga who reportedly donated 100 million to the institution in sponsorship of 100 students from Kigezi sub-region.

“Special thanks go to academic sponsors for our students including Compassion International, sponsors from Canada and U.S and U.K, Former and Current Head teacher Bubare S.S, and in a special way, we thank Mr. Musinguzi Garuga who donated 100 million to sponsor some students from Kigezi region.” she Said.

Out of the 270 students who graduated in different Degree, Diploma and Certificate Programs, 164 were males, while 106 were females

Five students including the Rukiga District Speaker, Mr. Oscar Akampurira attained a first class in degree programs.

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