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Business and Administration Department

Admission Qualification

A Keynote brief from the Head of Department.

The Business and Administration Department is a cornerstone of modern academia and industry, playing a central role in shaping the future of commerce, governance, and socio-economic development. Our curriculum typically spans various disciplines, including business management, entrepreneurship, economics, finance, human resource Management, marketing, strategic planning, Procurement and logistics management. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that graduates are well-equipped to navigate and influence the complex landscapes of business, management, politics, investment, and development.

Competent business leaders and manage have to be nurtured. Such leaders and managers are essential for driving organizational success and innovation. The department’s courses are designed to impart and nurture them by developing their critical thinking, analytical skills, and practical knowledge, which are vital for making strategic decisions in a dynamic business environment.

The current trends in the global economy demand professionals who understand the intricacies of international markets, cross-cultural management, and global supply chains. The School of Business prepares our students to meet these challenges head-on, fostering a generation of leaders who can operate seamlessly across borders and cultures.

This diverse and wholesome training has given a leverage to our students to compete favourably in Business, Administration, Management, Investment, Policy formulation, Governance and Politics and all other aspects of meaningful living.

The Department currently offers three programs at the undergraduate level namely; BBA, BPLM and DBA and two programs at Postgraduate level which are MBA and Msc. in Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

These programs are lectured by a team of about thirty highly trained and experienced staff with PhDs, Master’s degrees and other professional qualifications.


The Business and Administration Department is indispensable for cultivating the expertise required in today’s complex and interconnected world. Our comprehensive curriculum not only prepares students for successful careers in business and management but also equips them with the knowledge to influence politics, drive investment, and foster economic development. By emphasizing Christian ethical ethos, strategic thinking, and sustainable practices, the department ensures that our graduates are capable of making significant contributions to society and the global economy.

Mugisha John Steve

PhD Candidate, MBA (MAK), Bachelor of Business Studies (MAK).

HOD, Business and Administration Department.