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Bishop’s Pastoral Visit to UCU-BBUC Divinity & Theology Department

In the tranquil Chapel of UCU-BBUC , there buzzed an undercurrent of excitement and reverence as students welcomed the Bishop of Kigezi Diocese  who doubles as the Chairman University Council Rt. Rev. Gad Akanjuna on a special visit to the Divinity and Theology Department.  

The Bishop arrived with an aura of warmth and humility as he greeted students and faculty alike with a genuine smile and words of encouragement. Dressed in his distinguished clerical attire, he exuded a sense of wisdom that seemed to fill the room as he made his way to the front, where a small gathering of students awaited.

“Dear students,” Bishop Gad began, his voice resonating with a gentle authority, “it is truly a blessing to be among you today.” His words carried a sincerity that touched the hearts of those present. “You are the future leaders of our faith, and I am here to both encourage and challenge you.”

He spoke of the importance of preparing for full-time service, emphasizing the noble calling they had responded to. “To serve God’s people is a privilege,” he continued, his eyes scanning the attentive faces before him. “But it requires diligent preparation, both academically and spiritually.”

The students nodded in agreement, some exchanging knowing glances as if reaffirming their commitment to their chosen path. Bishop Gad’s words were not just advice; they were a call to action, a reminder of the sacred responsibility they carried.

“As you continue your studies,” the Bishop continued, “always remember to consult God in all things. The path of faith can be challenging, but with His guidance, you will never falter, guard your hearts against complacency and pride, and never forget the importance of prayer and humility.”

Throughout his address, the Bishop wove anecdotes of his own journey in faith, sharing moments of doubt and revelation that had shaped his own calling. His words were not just theoretical teachings but lived experiences that resonated deeply with those listening.

 As Bishop Gad bid farewell and departed from the department, there lingered a palpable sense of inspiration and gratitude among the students.