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Student Life


At the university, it is a time to define ones’ life. What you see, hear, think, and read influences the life you live. This is why BBUC is unique and indeed offers a complete Education for Complete Person. Students explore life that adds value to them in all aspects. All this begins with an orientation week during the first week of the first semester at BBUC to prepare a student for their academic journey. During this week, students learn a lot on how to be successful in life, career guidance, and social skills, among others.

What makes Students’ life enjoyable at BBUC

Time for fun at BBUC: New students’ party is a time to welcome secondary graduates into campus life where first years eat, drink, sing, and dance wiping off secondary stress. Cultural gala, Student Associations’ parties, open day, fellowships, among other events to relax and learn from and make students’ life enjoyable at BBUC.

Worship at BBUC- God is the first at BBUC; there is morning worship every day, community worship every Tuesday at noon, to keep students spiritually and morally upright.

Fellowships at BBUC- Christian union, Bishop Barham Anglican youth missioners, Sons and Daughters of the Church ministers Associations, and department fellowships among others to are designed to keep students close to God  during their study time. On Sunday students convene in the university chapel to praise and worship God.

Sports and talent development-students engage in fields where they are talented; Football, volleyball, netball, and athletics, inter courses competition, Musicians are also given chance to develop their talents by joining different professionally managed choirs. These student-turned musicians also record their music and videos with a professional guide in the mass communication studio.

Academic wise- you will be ushered into  a well-stocked library and computer laboratories, which are open Monday to Saturday from morning till 10:00pm for students to do their research and revision. Wireless internet is available 24/7 fully connected to ease research and communication. Group discussions organized by lecturers or students to resolve academic challenges contribute a lot to students’ performance at BBUC.

Associations at BBUC- International Students from Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zanzibar and South Sudan and other countries become one at the center of excellence in the Heart of Africa! However, as a way of keeping their culture, they form associations depending on where they come from. For example International Students Association brings together all international students despite of their differing countries of origin. For students from Uganda, they also form associations from their home regions and even districts.   This promotes cohesion, sociability, unity in and tolerance of diversity, tolerance and promotion of cultures and common heritages. This harmonic environment rhymes well to provide A Complete Education for A Complete Person.

As the saying goes “practice makes perfect” students in their second year engage in internship to practice what they have studied preparing them for the world ahead.

Life at BBUC is inspiring, encouraging, educative, and enjoyable. Come at BBUC to be a complete person; socially, academically, spiritually, economically, politically, and physically.


Student Accommodation and Meals

Students have decent accommodation in self-contained rooms, without congestion and a high degree of hygiene and yet at affordable fee. You cannot find anywhere such kind of comfort at the same fee.  We ensure that students are at their best, comfortable and safe.

Campus hostels are connected to a stand-by generator incase electricity goes off. All resident students are provided with a free mattress and a bed.

On the social life  of  students, each  Hall of residence has an installed  DSTV  facility to  enable  students  connect to the outside world  and keep  them informed  in their  information  age.

Students are provided with five meals a day- breakfast, break tea, lunch, evening tea and supper at a cheap cost. Students are given a balanced diet prepared by professional chefs. Well-developed and supervised canteens around the university also prepare best meals for students who do not eat from the university Dining Hall.

NOTE: Drinking safe and treated water in the Dining hall is available for all students any time

Sports and Co-Curricular Activities

The students  participate  in various games  and  sports like  football ,  netball , volley ball, and  others. They  engage other external  teams  and tournaments   in and outside the  University  for their  physical  and social wellbeing  and  talent  development and  promotion.

BBUC Students’ Guild Leadership

The University has strong committed student leaders who   serve other students   and the University. The guild leadership is composed   of the Executive, the Electoral Commission, Parliament, Disciplinary committees to ensure students   better services.

The Guild body is a representation of students’ voice in decision making purposely to link students with the administration. The elected Guild President appoints ministers to work with in a period of one year. This body acts as students’ platform to present their requests, questions, and concerns to the administration through the Guild president and ministers. Students contest, campaign and are voted in as Guild representatives of coursers, hostels, governors, class co-coordinators and Guild president as a way to pave way for political ambitious students to exercise leadership. This cabinet comprises of students from all religions, cultures, regions, and beliefs.

Every year the guild body changes since new government is voted in office. To be the Guild president, one contests in second year of his or her study. The administration respects and facilitates guild activities, no wonder that is why Bishop Barham University has not had strikes by students or even staff. This is because Students’ affairs presented by the Guild body are heard and responded to by the administration in a short period. This promotes trust between students and the administration.

Guild Privileges

Every member of the guild gets sitting allowance per meeting, Guild tours, and certificate of merit. The Guild President is paid monthly salary, given airtime, sitting allowance, and free accommodation in university hostels.


These are students from outside Uganda studying at BBUC since it is the center of excellence in the heart of Africa. We have students from Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, South Sudan, Kenya, and Tanzania. As a university, we offer a special treatment and care to these students since they are in a foreign land; it is our responsibility to make them feel at home.

Students from countries where English is not spoken or taught (francophone countries), we offer them a free course in English to enable them pass Exams and communicate easily with lecturers and students. In addition, Lecturers give them special attention and the university gives them first priority in accommodation allocation since they are in a new country. As students from outside Uganda, there is an association that brings them together called BBUC International Students Association. This association helps them preserve their cultures, express their concerns and remain united.

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