Bishop Barham University College exists to provide not only academic knowledge, but also spiritual guidance. The Chapel is led by the Chaplain, Rev. Canon Gideon Kwizera, who has been in office since 2005.

Being a Christian University, the ministry of the chapel at BBUC is central to everything that is done at the campus. The University puts Christ first and aims at equipping both students and staff for the ministry of Christ both at the campus and out in the field. As the motto of the College and the Chapel states, we want our graduates to “go and tell the world” that Jesus is Lord.


Activities and Programs

Chaplaincy has a number of programs running throughout the week
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  • Weekly Chapel Services: All members of the BBUC Community are expected to attend Chapel Services.
  • Wednesday Staff Fellowship: Members of staff meet for fellowship every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. for about 2 hours. It is a time of getting together, relaxation from the heavy day’s work, spiritual reflection, sharing the Word of God and prayer.
  • In-reach mission done at the beginning of the year. It puts community members, especially new members, into the spiritual mood of the college to start the new semester with renewed spiritual energy.
  • Out-reach mission done at the beginning of the year. This is done in fulfillment of the Motto of the College, “Go and tell them”.  We are especially concerned about areas where the gospel is not strong yet. It is our role as a Christian university to go out and tell the world that Jesus is Lord. We do this in an effort to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19).
  • In addition to our out-reach missions, we have started sending out missionaries through our Chapel. Our first missionary was sent out to Germany in September, 2010, to serve for two years among youth and students in the city of Erlangen, Bavaria. As a sending church, we recognize our responsibility to support him in various ways.
  • Pastoral visits by the Chaplain to both staff and students: The Chaplain carries out regular visits to the staff and students residences. He also visits the sick in homes, hospitals and dormitories to encourage them to be strong in their suffering and to have faith in Jesus, even for healing.
  • Counselling Sessions are held for both students and staff. This is done by the Chaplain and his counselling team.
  • Clergy Spouses Fellowship (every first and third Monday in a month)
  • Ministry by Christian Groups

It is our desire to reach and strengthen the faith of our students and staff here at BBUC.
Pray for this ministry, as we try to fulfill our motto to “Go and tell them - Jesus is Lord” Pray with us that our graduates have a positive impact on Uganda and the whole world by adapting our motto for their own lives.

There is great need of a big and more spacious chapel building that meets the growing numbers of the BBUC Community. The chapel building used now was built way back in the 1930′s when the population was much smaller – it now approaches 1000 people and the old building can no longer, in most cases, hold them for worship.

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