Master of Arts in Translation and Language Development

Beginning in September 2011, the Master of Arts in Translation and Language Development targets individuals who aspire to be agents of knowledge that would remain locked up within professions and various public and private institutions if not translated.

Upon completion of this degree, these individuals will be trained and competent translators for the professions, the Government, and the private sector.

Our mission is to produce literature in local, regional and international languages that are used and/or taught in Uganda through the study and practice of translation.

The General Objects of the programme are as follows:

  • To study, interpret and translate major works of literature and other disciplines that are translation-worthy.
  • To establish translation-worthiness in view of the target audience.
  • To give the target language and audience extra reading materials and education.
  • To simulate further development of the target language in terms of its intellectualization, industrialization and commercialization.

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